About Us

Dr. Shreekant Mirajkar is a distinguished organisation that represents the promise of care and quality. Starting as a single clinic, today it has grown to 3 branches. The conglomerate consists of a chain of homeopathy clinics, A specialised homeopathic treatment for various problems. Right from acne and warts to Addison’s disease and vertigo, a whole range of conditions are covered. Other general conditions like common cold, allergic rhinitis, depression, hair loss, and obesity are also tackled here. Dr. Shreekant Mirajkar homeopathy website offers a clinic database and options to book appointments. It also offer phone consultation facilities to help you in a hassle-free way. Go through the disease and conditions database for updated information, symptoms, diagnoses and treatment. You can even take a hair evaluation test here so that your problem can be analysed and viable solutions could be provided.